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 Investigate Real Artifacts 

Dig Deeper

Curator Collection game 

Cloze Activity

Bone Yard

The Mysteries of Catalhoyuk

The Dirt on Clay - Be an Archaeologist (pbs)

Dirt Detective

Hunt the Ancestors

Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Egyptian Adventure - Try to Get Out ALIVE! 

Aton-Ra - The Lost Statue

Virtual Cartouche Maker 

Hieroglyphics (interactive) 

Write your name in hieroglyphics

Send a Buried Message  

King Tut Online Games & Activities

The Mummy Maker

Making a Mummy

Mummies and the Underworld Challenge

The Mummy Tomb 

Lots More Mummy Games

Giza Pyramid

More Pyramid Games

I read it in the Book of the Dead

Welcome to Eternity Travel - Plan Your Afterlife (game) 

Shuffling Time

Tools of the Trade

Deep in the Tombs of Egypt 

Design a Greek Pot (and more Greek Fun)

Ancient Roman Streets - What does not belong?

Terrible Tombstones & Problem Pots

Investigate a Roman Soldier & Dress the Roman Soldier

Murals and Mosaics

Alien Adventures - The Romans

The Dig Game 

Archaeology - Clues from the Past

Tools of the Trade - matching game 

A History of the World through Objects  

Piece it together game 

Goodie Gold Digger  

Unwrap a mummy game

Archaeology Tour 

Can you spot a fake?

 Who Dung It?

Dino Dig Interactive Game 

Divers Quest 

Play Some Celtic Games  

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