Native Americans
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Hoop and Darts

Adventures into the Past

Placing artifacts in time (Pocahontas, interactive)

Life Long Ago - Flintnappers

Matching Dwellings to Native American group

Many fun shockwave games

Heal the Drummer, Save the Band (Intuits)

Analyzing Masks - Artifacts (interactive)

Buzzer Game (Plains) 

Guess the Word before the Turtle Hides in His Shell

Weave a Virtual Wampum Belt (Woodland)

Virtual Coloring Book - Wigwam

Little Pines Game

Virtual Paper Dolls

Native American Games

First People Canada & Inuit Tribe

Totem Poles

Oral History of the Skagit River (Interactive, Scholastic)  

Trail of Tears

Native Americans quiz

Can you string these 9 beads?

Can you Match the Animal with their Tracks

Native American or European Foods?

Woven Wampum Maze 

Native American Stories





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