OSU  https://osu.ppy.sh/

 The game is 100% free nothing to buy, no upgrade's its just the game. The game has a countless # of levels to play.

the game also has 4 different types of game within the game itself including  

  • Taiko  player must hit 2 buttons red or blue at the right time as it slides sideways in order to beat the level. 

  • Catch The Beat  fruit falls from the sky and you have to catch it on a plate someone is holding in order to beat the level by using the arrow keys to move left and right

  • osu!mania - this game mode is like a piano meets dance dance revolution, from 4 keys up to 8 keys  

  • OSU - the "main" game mode is a circle appears somewhere on the screen and you have to locate it and hit it before it's gone to get points 

 Hint - the levels are human made so you could remember where a beat is overtime or  play for a while to know the layout of a level

2nt hint - to get more levels you have to go to their page and download levels because they only give you 2


TROVE - http://www.trionworlds.com/trove/game/

- trove is a game much like Minecraft but its free and it has ton's more thing for you to do than Minecraft. so if you liked Minecraft then you like this game too. it is a no brainer its free to play what's better than that.

 hint - the game has many classes but you should find your playstyle and which character fits you best 


Games we loved when we were younger

You are a little ninja ball and your goal is to get the little star. As levels move on, it gets more challenging. Tip: Hit the space bar so it shoots a rope up. That will maybe hit a star

DUST - This is a wonderful game. It lets you mix gunpowder and oil and water and volcanic magna, and all kinds of stuff to make bombs and other things that explode.

math brain - Every move in this game gets harder it is set at 6th grade boy but you can go to funbrain.com and set up your player to be any age.

phineas and pherb robot fight - This game has Phineas and Pherb fighting a robot that gets harder every level.

Sydney Shark

3-D Action Game Macro Panda


The following two games are not free, but they're very cheap and lots of fun

The Binding of Isaac 


 - this game cost 5$ on steam and each time you replay it starts a new with a differently map loaded each time so everytime you play won't be the same as the last I bought it when it was 10$ and thought that's a fair price it's been kicked down to 5$ because it was made a while ago. please note that this game is a little dark and makes fun of religions 

hints - there are secret rooms that can only be opened by bombs they are located in between 2 rooms that look like there should be a room between them they contain either something good or bad.


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 


- the successor The Binding Isaac it is the same game but more fun and more added to it than the last game and cost 15$ unless it is on sale which happens from time to time. it has 2.5 times more bosses to fight hundreds of new items that are unique. if you liked the last game then this game is a must and if you know you like these kinds of game and don't want to play the old one then this is a good one to pick. and this game, unlike the last one, can be played with 2 players so you and your friend (who doesn't need to own the game) can play together. this game does have an end but it really never ends. please note that this game is a dark and makes fun of religions 

hint - if you hit the left or right arrow key + the up or down key your "tear" will go at a 45% angle which can help in some situations where the enemy may be there


PLUS ... More games we loved when we were younger.

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