Corpse Flower 
Poem Example




                                    Ballad of the Corpse Flower





Hereís a story Iíve got to tell,

About a ten foot flower that really smells.

Itís called a corpse but itís not dead.

Although itís inside pedals are red.


It will make your eyes water.

Oh and for creeps thatís just the starter.

Itís also dead for years.

Then it opens wide creating tears.


You will need a stepladder to get to the top.

Stick your head inside long enough for your nose to pop.

If your allergies usually fill your skull with dread,

This is one day you will not want a clear head.


All the Goth kids will be standing in line.

With a name like The Corpse Flower they looked at the sign.

Goth kids like to follow macabre fame.

The kids will be thinking itís a new rock band with that name.


Ten feet of horror like Frankenstein;

I hope nobody is disappointed and starts to whine.

I donít think green thumbs will be fooled.

Unlike Goth kids they usually are not tools.


Dr. Seuss could have thought of this.

But Mother Natureís imagination made this not his.

Green thumbs come from across the Sound.

Seattle Washington is where the body can be found.



University of Washington itís in the greenhouse.

It comes in like a lion then sleeps like a mouse.

The botany team works until ten at night.

So you donít have to wait in line to see the freight.


The Corpse Flower blooms once every few years.

So come and see it now before the bloom disappears.

The yellow and red flower will lumber for years at a time.

See it soon because Iím out of rhyme.



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