1)      Title. Working or Alternative Titles Pride and Prejudice

2)      Author Jane Austen

3)      Date of Publication 1813

4)      Genre comedy

5)      Writing Techniques Jane Austin uses satire and wit to make fun of both poor and rich people in the book

6)      The Setting and How It Contributes to the Drama or Atmosphere the setting is a huge part of the plot of the book I would argue it is even a character in the book. The huge houses actually have names. Elizabeth lives in Longbourn, Darcy lives in Pemberly. Even though the family has to look for husbands for five children they think of themselves as very poor because they do not actually own the house they live in. The atmosphere in Pemberly should be cold and distant but it's not because it is where Darcy lives.

7)      Central Conflict and How It Develops and Resolves. What is the climax? Related Minor Conflicts The central conflict of the story is the misunderstanding between Jane and Darcy. Darcy believes Jane is beneath her and Jane is too stubborn to realize she actually loves Darcy. The climax of the book is when Darcy asks Jane to marry him. The minor conflicts are Charlotte marrying Mr. Collins, Elizabeth's mom trying to marry off all of her daughters, Bingley's family coming between Jane and himself, Lady Catherine being a big gossip and arrogant jerk in society.

8)      Major Characters Elizabeth Bennett, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane Bennett, Charles Bingley, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

9)      Minor Characters Lydia Bennet, Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine DeBourgh, Wickham

10)  Themes Jane Austen doesn't spare anybody's feelings she is equally hard on Mr. Bennett, Mrs. Bennett Lady Catherine and Darcy. The theme is don't let your pride stand in your own way and a path to finding happiness and love

11)  Symbols and Motifs there are not very many symbols in the book. The wealthy people have a lot of fancy items like China and horse-drawn carriages.


12)  Plot Overview, Chronologically, Including the Setting and Movement from Place to Place (Be Brief! Three to five sentences!) Mrs. Bennett wants her five daughters to marry rich men. Three of her daughters end up getting married in the book. Two daughters married very wealthy man and the third marries a soldier who is the villain in the book. There are many misunderstandings in the book about wealth and power but it all works out for the best and the heroes of the book find true love.

13)  What is Most Stunning about this Book. The most stunning thing about this book is how funny it is, how funny it has remained for over 100 years. Very little is lost to time in this book it is truly timeless.

14)  A Quote of Less than Ten Words to Memorize “Mary wished to say something very sensible, but knew not how.” Page 7

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