Why does Medea Need to 
Kill Her Own Children?
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Why does Medea need to kill her children?  

Incorporate the turning point of her decision in your essay


    Medea needs to kill her children because she decides is the only way to completely devastate Jason to get her revenge.

     Medea looks into her children's eyes and decides they look like Jason's eyes. She says “They are his cubs. They have his blood. As long as they live I shall be mixed with him” this is the moment that Medea decides to kill them.

     Medea doesn't want to hurt Jason. She wants to completely destroy him. Earlier in the book. She decides that if his new bride is killed, he will be hurt but at least he can look on his two little sons and say all is not lost. She decided if she kills his wife and his sons that he will have nothing.

     Medea needs to kill their children to show Jason that she is strong, and the winner in their fight. She knows that she has a winged chariot to escape. Once the deed is done. So she really has very little to lose. Medea is a strong woman, and Jason should have known what he was getting into when he married her. She did murder quite a few people before they even got to his homeland.



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