In Medea How does 
Love Hate & Revenge Affect 
the Audience
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In Medea How do the extremes of emotion, love, hate, and revenge  illustrate aspects of human nature. Include your perspective on how this would affect the audience watching Medea


     Medea starts out madly in love with Jason, then she hates him because he cheated on her and then she decides to get revenge by destroying everything he has, and this would affect the audience by shocking them and they would end up having pity for Jason.

     Medea is struck by Cupid's arrow and has no control over how much she loves Jason. She kills many people to save Jason early in the relationship, including her own brother. Her love for him is everything to her and she is crazy with her intense love.

     Once Jason leaves her for another woman she hates him, just as much as she ever loved him. Her hate for him is so intense that she kills the king, Jason's new wife, and even her own two children.

     Her revenge on Jason is complete only when his entire life has been destroyed. Medea will settle for nothing less than his complete and utter destruction. It isn't enough just to kill his new wife because he would still have his two beautiful boys. So she kills them too.

    It is human nature to feel sorry for Medea at the beginning because Jason is cheating on her. It is also in human nature, by the end to feel sorry for Jason because Medea has gone too far in her scheming for revenge. This would affect the audience by shifting who they were rooting for from Medea to Jason. Jason may be a jerk but he doesn't deserve what she is doing to him.



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