In Medea Who Holds 
the Higher Moral Ground 
Medea or Jason?
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Who holds the higher moral ground, Jason or Medea?


     Medea holds the higher moral ground more than Jason because Jason knew exactly what he was getting into when he married her. Medea had killed her uncle and her own brother before they were even married, so Jason cannot be surprised by anything that she does.

     Medea is admirable and should be considered a tragic hero because her situation has mimesis, a serious purpose, direct action, and after a disastrous change in Medea's life the audience has intense feelings of pity and horror.

     Medea's life has  mimesis because it imitates real life. Medea's life is tragic because after being hit by Cupid's arrow she loves Jason , more than anything. Jason does not love her as much as she loves him and leaves her for another wife. Who can better his position in society. This is like real life. Many people get divorced and one person is generally crushed.

    There is a serious purpose in Medea and it is more philosophical instead of historical. The purpose in Medea is to show that you cannot obsessively love somebody, or else tragedy will happen. It is a philosophical idea because so many fantasy things happen that couldn't happen in real life. There is no historical retelling of the information. It is all about large ideas.

     The purpose of Medea is to bring about katharsis in the audience. The audience witnesses the disasters change in Medea's life and they have feelings of pity and horror. It is horrible that Medea kills three people. It is horrible that Jason has cheated on her and wants a new wife. In the beginning you pity Medea for having to put up with Jason. But by the end you pity Jason because he has lost everything.

   Medea is a tragic hero and holds the higher moral ground. Medea has a noble birth, she has an admirable character because she loves Jason so much, her peripeteia or her misfortune is brought about by Jason cheating on her, her own weakness, or flaw is that she hates so strongly she's willing to wreck her whole life to get what she wants, and the reversal of fortune brings about sudden, powerful recognition in Jason when he realizes he brought all this on himself.





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