Biology Notes
Parts of Cells
in Animals & Plants





Only in  Animal cell


Nucleolus synthesis of ribosomes





Only in Plant cell




Lysome looks like oval circles back enzymes that cells use to digest macromolecules





In Both Plant and Animal Cells


Cell membrane



Nucleus- looks stringy. Made of DNA. Nuclear envelope with pores. MRNA messenger RNA



Mitochondrion smooth outer membrane and folded inside site where ATP is made looks like four or five wet noodles stuck together kind of wavy


Golgi  complex looks like flattened sacs products from ER are stored and sent


Microtubule look like fixed-rate hollow tubes, they shape and support the cell and separate chromosomes during cell division


Vacuole , very large semicircle stores proteins pigment surrounded by a shell of tonoplast


Ribosome smallest organelle. Free in cytosol makes protein for cell. Bound, attached to ER makes proteins for export


Endoplasmic reticulum ER network of membrane to bowls and fax looks like folded lasagna noodles rough with Ribosomes for proteins. Since the service or smooth without Ribosomes for carbohydrate metabolism

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