MacBeth If You Could Rewrite 

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What if you could rewrite some part of MacBeth???


Seven Years of Rule For a River of Blood

As a matter of record, history will tell you that the real Macbeth served as King of Scotland for seven years.


Act II Scene 1.5


Three witches enter. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are holding hands waiting for them near a cauldron.



Macbeth-Why would you make us wait so long, you horrible demons?


Lady Macbeth-Calm down or they won't tell us their news.


Witch One-For the news we have to tell you, and the deal we plan to make it will be worth the wait.


Lady Macbeth- Just tell us, just tell us what we have to do to rule this land and we will do it.


Witch Two- You are so eager and so full of venom. I know we can make a deal tonight.


Lady Macbeth- Thank you!


Witch Three- That was not a compliment.


Macbeth- Please just tell us what we need to do.


Witch One- Do as we wish and we will promise you seven years as the King and Queen of Scotland. You will be the mightiest rulers in the land and will have everything your heart desires. We promise this prophecy will last for 2,555 days. Seven years of heaven, seven years of power, seven years of pure joy. Will you do as we ask?


Lady Macbeth- Of course, of course, anything! We promise!


Macbeth- No, wait! We have not heard their terms yet. What if is something we cannot live with? Please be reasonable my beautiful wife. We must think this through before answering so quickly.


Lady Macbeth-I am so tired of your weakness! We've been given this incredible opportunity and all you can do is whine! If you do not do this for me we're through! If I am not queen of Scotland head of these lands I will leave you this night. Do not tempt me.


Macbeth- Forgive me, forgive my weakness! I will do anything to keep you happy. All right, tell me what I need to do to make this prophecy come true.


Witch Two- You must kill King Duncan, his two Chamberlains, Banquo, Lady Macduff and all of her children. Anybody else you want to murder along the way is fine with us but these are the murders you must commit to have your seven years of rule.


Lady Macbeth- A fair price indeed, thank you witches for this opportunity. We will begin this very night with the King's murder. First we will bathe in their blood, and then we will bathe in jewels and admiration for seven beautiful years.


Macbeth- This is not a deed I think I can accomplish, I'm so very sorry.


Lady Macbeth- I am giving you no choice. Do not be a coward…. Be my hero. You are my hero aren't you?


Macbeth- A hero does not bathe in blood.


Lady Macbeth- You will do this for me or this will be the last time you see me.


Witch Three- Our time on this Earth is limited make your decision now.


Macbeth- Oh forgive me for my weakness! Yes, you three evil demons, I will take this deal for seven years of rule. I will do everything you ask.


Three Witches- (chanting) seven years, seven years, seven years, seven years.


The three witches disappear.


Lady Macbeth- I guarantee you will never regret this decision my wonderful husband. (Muttering to herself) Oh what will I wear to my coronation? I will wear more jewels than my neck can hold, a crown larger than any that has ever lain upon a head. Every eye will be upon me on my coronation day.


Macbeth- What have I done? My wife have you given any thought to what will happen when the seven years is done?


Lady Macbeth- No, but how bad can it be?




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