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Siddhartha: Thoughts on the last few chapters

   In the novel Siddhartha, the author finishes the book with the main character finding true enlightenment. Siddhartha decides to become one with the river and help guide others across the river of life. The story ends with Siddhartha, finding the peace and understanding that he has learned from being a simple ferryboat man. Siddhartha listens to the voice of the river as it flows downstream and finds truth and spiritual fulfillment in his life. Siddhartha uses the knowledge that the river has provided him and gives spiritual guidance to those that he helps ferry across the river in his simple boat. The ending was really beautiful and had the effect of making you want to be a better person and look inward to find answers inside yourself. The ending of this book is more philosophical than most of the other books I have read. In the novel , The Blind Side , the main character looked back on her life and she wouldn't have changed a thing. She took in somebody in need. She did what had to be done to nurse him and make him part of her family. No matter what other people thought she knew she was doing the right thing. The book Siddhartha has a similar theme. Siddhartha went against his family wishes and the social norms and expectations of his community to do what he thought was right. In both books. The main characters found spiritual for film and in their unusual decisions in life.

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