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Health care in India is so bad literally millions of people die each year. The government of India spends only 7% of their budget  on health care that is not nearly enough. The caste system is unfair to millions of people. Without the government spending millions more things will get worse there.



There are 1.2 billion people in India. 55% are poor. On average people make about $550 a year there. 40% of the population cannot read or write.

The government of India is supposed to pay for health care for all its people but in reality only the highest castes get health care.


There are 4 castes in India and another group so low in India they are not even in a caste they are untouchables.

The caste you are born in decides your life path. The highest Brahmins can easily go to college and be whatever they want. The Shudras are a lower caste and they can be waiters or work in shops. The lowest caste isnít even a caste at all they are called the untochables.


The untouchables cant have normal jobs. They cant work in stores or restaurants,  they cant even touch food items meant for higher castes. Some are forced to wear bells on their feet so higher castes can hear them coming. They cant advance in life at all no matter how smart they are or how hard they work.

Untouchables have no heath care at all


Health care in Indian cities is better than rural areas. Most people do not have clean drinking water this causes many of the diseases people have. 70 million Indians have hookworm it causes mentally retardation. Half of all the cases of leprosy in the world are in India. So many people live together that disease spreads fast. The biggest problem is lack of clean water.


India has free national healthcare for all its people. This just is not true, many people in India will go their whole lives and never see a doctor. A huge problem is the people that are supposed to give health care doctors and nurses often do not treat people without bribes. 

So again only the rich can afford to bribe them. The government says 7% of the budget goes to healthcare but insiders believe it is closer to 3%. Not nearly enough.


The children of India are hurt the most. 28% are born underweight, by the age of  five 48% are underweight. 8% of all children have malaria.


There are not enough doctors in India. There is one doctor for every 1700 people.  In the US there is one doctor for every 400 people. In rural areas people can call themselves doctors with only one year of training.


In many parts of India there is no sanitation at all. Millions do not have toilets. Mice and Rats have taken over many villages spreading disease. Electricity does not run all the time and the housing is very unsafe. All of these things together add up to a crisis.


Rich people can buy health insurance in India. Many doctors do not work for the government because they do not pay enough so they only take insurance. Poor people and untouchables have no money to buy insurance.


Unsafe water is the biggest problem. Toilet water in the US is what the average Indian drinks everyday as drinking water. Over half the people of India drink the same water they wash clothes in.

250,000 die from malaria each year. Malaria is easy to treat in the US it is unheard of to die this way.

Tainted water causes almost all of the disease in India.


Rich areas of India get 90% of the health care money. Poor areas get little or none. Untouchables get nothing. Untouchables make up 15% of the population of India or 138 million people. Rich people can afford to buy health insurance too. So not only do they get free healthcare in the top castes but they also buy extra insurance and get even more. While the lowest castes get nothing.


1 million people die every year in India from lack of health care

Disease spreads so fast entire communities can be wiped out from a simple cold.


The caste system is totally unfair to people.


All people need basic health care and the government needs to do more and spend lots more to insure that every Indian citizen is treated fairly in the health care system.


I would like the opportunity to travel to India to plead the case to the government of India. I believe with diplomacy and foreign pressure we can help save millions of people.


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