Principle of Legitimacy 

& Kings in Europe Notes





 What is the principle of legitimacy? The lawful monarchs from the royal families who had ruled before Napoleon would be restored to their positions of power. Austrian Prince Klemons von Metternich was the most influential leader at the meeting  at the Congress of Vienna in September 1814 they came up with this plan because they believed it would ensure peace and stability in Europe.

  Describe the Congress of Vienna scheme of balance of power throughout Europe The great powers rearranged territories in Europe leaving that this would form a new balance of power. The powers at Vienna wanted to keep any one country from dominating Europe. This meant balancing political and military forces that guaranteed the independent of the great powers. To balance Russia for example new territories were given to Prussia and Austria.

    What is conservatism and what did he hope to do? Conservatism is based on tradition and a belief system and the value of social stability. Most conservatives favored obedience to political authority. They believed that organized religion was crucial to keep order in society. Conservatives hated revolutions and were unwilling to accept demands from people who wanted individual rights or representative governments.

 What is the principle of intervention? The great powers have the right to send armies into countries where there were revolutions in order to restore legitimate monarchs to their thrones. Britain disagreed that other countries like Spain and Italy forces were used their to crush revolutions and restore monarchs to their thrones.

What is liberalism? Summarize the philosophy. Liberalism is the political philosophy that grew out of the Enlightenment. Liberalism held that people should be as free as possible from government restraint. Liberals had a common set of political beliefs. Chief among them was protection of civil liberties or the basic rights of all people. These liberties included equality before the law, freedom of assembly, speech, and the press. Liberals believe these freedom should be guaranteed by a written document like the American Bill of Rights.

 Describe nationalism and its relationship to liberalism nationalism was more powerful force for change than liberalism. Nationalism arose when people began to identify themselves as part of a community defined by a language common institutions and customs. This community is called a nation. Earlier people were loyal to attain now people were loyal to their nation. Most liberals believed that freedom could only be possible in people who ruled themselves each group of people should have its own state and new state should attempt to dominate another state the association with liberalism meant that nationalism had a wider scope.




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