You are a little elephant trying to go through little pipes, like Mario, except weird things happen, like you hit a button, and suddenly you turn upside down because gravity shifts.

Save the little green apple and the orange orange by using simple machines. You build it, you save them, or the thunder clouds will get you!

You are trying to use pieces of wood, that you cut, to find a way to get the smiley ball into the red circle. Lots of levels. Each one is different. Plus there are custom levels that people make and post online. Tricky and fun. It takes thought. This is a puzzle game. Some levels are very very very hard, but I like it because .. well ... I'm a puzzle game fan.

Help Solve a Mystery - Puzzle Game. Take photos with a camera to help Scooby Doo.

Doodle God - Put pieces together and create the elements

Red Remover


Secret Exit

Escape the Freezer

Wake the Royalty

Level Editor

EVIL Plans

Prison Break Challenge - Complete 5 tasks to escape
Locked Door Challenge (Electricity)
Don't Wake the Python (Heat and Light)
Holding our breath challenge (Cubic Meters)
Survivors (Bacteria & Cure)
Island Hopping (Speed of Sound)

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