What was the impact of the industrial revolution in the United States? Before the Industrial Revolution six out of every seven Americans were farmers and no city had more than 100,000 people. After the Industrial Revolution there were nine cities that had over 100,000 people and only 50% of American workers were farmers.

What other changes occurred during the Industrial Revolution? Before the Industrial Revolution agricultural work on farms was how most people lived. Most people lived in rural areas and single workers produced an entire product. After the Industrial Revolution workers were placed in factories and cottage industries declined and almost disappeared. Workers moved from the country to the city and conditions were very hard at the factories. When workers used to work on the farms there was a lot of activity for a little while and then periods of rest but in the factory you had to work all the time.

How did the factory system change the lives of workers? Workers moved to cities to work in factories causing overcrowding and filthy conditions with too much growth. Factory work required long hours under hard conditions and there was large-scale child labor. Women and children made a lot less money. The work was boring because they did one small task over and over.

How did the factory act of 1833 improve the working conditions for children? The act of 1833 meant that child labor was limited. Children could now work limited hours and they perform low-paying jobs that could be done in the home with the women and only works sometimes in the factory.

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