The first Persian Empire was an ancient Iranian empire based in Western Asia founded by Cyrus the great. Future leaders conquered most of northern and central ancient Greece including the city of Athens in 480 BC. At one point the ancient Persian Empire stretched from the Balkans and Eastern Europe in the West and all the way to the Indus Valley in the East. This empire is also known as, The Achaemenid Empire. The Achaemenid Empire was created by nomadic Persians. The Persians were Iranian people who arrived in what is today Iran in 1000 BC. The Achaemenid Empire had a very successful model of bureaucratic administration and the development of civil services, including a professional army. having a large professional army would come in handy because their empire grew and grew by battling nearby civilizations and taking them over.Alexander the Great was a follower of the practices of Cyrus the Great and conquered most of The Achaemenid Empire by 330 BC. Alexander Most of the original administrative structure of Achaemenid Empire leading some scholars to dub him as "the last of the Achaemenid's".

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