Table manners are very different from country to country.

FRANCE:In France it is prudent NOT to keep your hands on your lap at the dinner table. You are expected to keep both hands above the table during the entire meal.
GERMANY: In Germany never cut the potatoes with a knife, you are supposed to smash them with a fork. If you use a knife it means you do not think that the potatoes are done and you could offend the chef.
UK:In Britain is considered rude to eat asparagus with utensils, you must use your fingers.
HUNGARY:In Hungary never say the word "cheers" when making a toast! In 1848 after the Hungarian revolution the Austrian victors celebrated by toasting with beer glasses so the Hungarians vowed never to toast with beer again.
JAPAN: In Japan never leave your chopsticks sticking upright in a bowl of rice because that is how food is offered to the dead in the funeral ceremonies.
THAILAND:In Thailand never use a fork to put food inside of your mouth, only use forks to push food onto a spoon which then goes into your mouth.

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