A swamp is a low-lying uncultivated ground where water collects in a bog or marsh. A swamp is a forest and wetland and considered to be a transition zone because both land and water play a role in creating the environment. Swamps vary in size and are located all around the world. The water of the swamp may be freshwater, brackish water or seawater.

Groundwater is water held underground in the soil or in pores in rocks. The earth has been recycling water for 4 billion years. The water cycle has no beginning or end. It is continuous. The sun heats up the water from the oceans, lakes and rivers. The water changes into water vapor by the process of evaporation. Plants also lose water in the form of water vapor from their leaves into the air by the process of transpiration. Water collects of water vapor in the sky and makes clouds. When the water in the clouds gets cold it becomes liquid again in a process called condensation. Then the water falls from the sky as rain, snow, sleet or hail called precipitation. The water sinks into the surface and collects into lakes, oceans and rivers. It evaporates all over again and continues the cycle.

A wetland in an area where the land does not drain water efficiently. the ground is full of water and a wetland. Examples of wetlands include swamps, marshes or bogs. These different habitats have different types of wetlands and different kinds of soil, plant life and animals. Rainforests are dense, warm and wet forests. It is called a rain forest because of the high amount of rainfall it gets every year. Rain forest have an annual rainfall of at least 100 inches, 254 centimeters. As such the Earth's oxygen is created by rain forests. Rain forests cover only 6% of the Earth's surface but contain more than half the world's plant and animal species.

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