Some kids just love to read! It can be hard to tear them away from a good book! Some kids would rather do chores that read a book! This is especially true for struggling readers. It may take a bit of creativity to convince them to spend their time reading. It may take even more time to teach them how to enjoy reading.

The best advice given by teachers all across America to help your children enjoy reading more is to make time for reading. Set aside a regular time to read with your children, reading along with them. Create a cozy reading area for your child. Sometimes a special place is all the encouragement some kids need to settle down and spend time with a good book. Make sure the reading material is not beyond your child's abilities, and look for a variety of reading materials. Go to the library often allowing the children to pick out their own books. It honestly doesn't matter what your children read as long as they continue to read throughout their childhood. Those Captain Underpants books may not be your first choice as a parent, but kids love them.

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