Math Mix

Here are 8 ideas to help you make math more fun.

1Try making every concept into a hands-on lesson with less lectures, play games, use pictures and videos

2 Encourage math talk in daily life,

3 Implement funny routines and stick with them (like counting by twos when in the lunch line or at recess),

4 Children love open ended questions when there will be more than one answer- talk to them,

5 Create word problems with individual students inside of them for example, Raoul and Lizzie went to the store to buy five apples,

6 Watch videos of other people solving math problems -the sillier the better

7 Bring in real concrete items to teach math concepts like apples or oranges

8 Physically move around the room to teach fractions addition and subtraction.

And if all else fails -play a game:

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