The first wild vine beans were found in Central and South America. There are now thousands of varieties grown around the world. Beans are one of the most important and versatile crops and found in recipes all over the world. Beans provide more proteins that any other plant. They also provide calcium for bones and magnesium for the heart. In the food pyramid beans are often grouped in with poultry and meat as part of the protein-based food group. That's because beans are a great substitute for meat in a vegetarian diet. They can also be part of the fruit grouping because beans are fruit.

Agriculture is another word for farming. Agriculture includes harvesting crops and raising animals for livestock. Agriculture provides the food and raw materials that we need to survive. Agriculture is the heart of our daily life and vital to the economy and to our community. Farming cannot exist without farmers producing high-quality safe foods for us to eat.

The variety within and between all species of plants, animals and microorganisms and the ecosystems where they live and interact is biodiversity. The diversity of species is not evenly distributed throughout the planet because life depends on factors like temperature, altitude, and the presence of other species. We can prove this because tropical regions support more life than polar regions. Biodiversity is important to sustaining life on earth because it prevents anyone species from throwing the balance of nature out of order. Humans affect biodiversity through habitat destruction, overkill, introduced species and overpopulation affecting lifespan. How do humans affect biodiversity? Humans affect biodiversity through habitat destruction, overkill, introduced species and overpopulation.

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