Caves are large underground chambers that are typically natural in origin in a hillside or a cliff. The cave is a hollow place large enough for human to enter and formed by the weathering of rock over many years. case can be made of rocks, or ice. There are even caves underwater.Caves are a unique habitats, seals and bears both love caves.

Habitats are places where plants and animals live.a habitat will provide food and water and shelter to the inhabitants. There are many different types of habitats around the world from humid hot forests to vast grasslands, from icy mountain slopes to the hottest deserts. Different habitats are home to different animals. Every organism has certain habitat needs to thrive. I habitat isn't always just based on a geographical area it can be the interior of a rotten log, a clump of loss or a single cell within a host body. Habitats can change over time because of an earthquake, a tsunami, a wildfire or because of human activities like clearcutting forests.

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