Flight is fascinating! How do airplanes take off? When an aircraft moves into the wind the wings cut the airflow in half. Some of the air travels above the wing and some of the air travels below the wing. Plane wings are built curved on top and flat at the bottom the wind blowing over the wing travels a different from the air traveling under the working and this difference is the path of the wind and creates lower air pressure above the wing. The higher air pressure under the wing list the plane into the air creating or. When there is enough to overcome gravity the plane takes off in the sky. As long as the plane continues to move forward fast enough speed the plane continues to fly

Force is defined as a push or a pole of an object that causes the object to slow down, speed up or stay in one place. Force generally causes an object to move. Friction and gravity are two types of forces that influence how objects move. The force of friction is the force that acts to slow an object down as you ride your bike through town and you encounter sand, your bike will slow down, because sand is a type of friction it is a force working against your legs as they push against the pedals. The force of gravity is pulling objects towards the Earth's center. When a ball is thrown in the air it slows down and falls back to the ground, that is because gravity pulls the ball back towards the earth. Everything on earth is influenced by the force of gravity push and pull forces are opposites meaning they move objects in different directions

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