The lifecycle of an animal or a plant is the series of changes and developments that passes through from the beginning of its life until death. Human beings are born and slowly grow, going through many stages before reaching adulthood: the stages are called a lifecycle. A lifecycle is defined as the developmental stages that occur during a lifetime. Plants and animals go through three basic stages in the life cycle starting out as a developing egg or seed, into an immature juvenile and transforming into an adult. During the adult stage organisms will reproduce giving rise to the next generation. Lifespans vary among species did you know that bristlecone pine trees have a life span of 1000 years?

The variety within and between all species of plants, animals and microorganisms and the ecosystems where they live and interact is biodiversity. The diversity of species is not evenly distributed throughout the planet because life depends on factors like temperature, altitude, and the presence of other species. We can prove this because tropical regions support more life than polar regions. Biodiversity is important to sustaining life on earth because it prevents anyone species from throwing the balance of nature out of order. Humans affect biodiversity through habitat destruction, overkill, introduced species and overpopulation affecting lifespan.

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